Coastal Travel, Where Can I Get More Clients?


No matter what type of marketing you are in it is obvious the more clients you have the more income you can generate.  One of the things that stood out to me about Coastal Travel and DFI in the early stages of my business is I was not limited on how I generated clients but I did not have to learn how to figure it out either.  Even though I am completely self-employed, DFI created a community where other Coastal Travel Directors share their knowledge and experience.  Within a community of existing Coastal Travel Directors I learned about the different advertising firms available to us. 

Those advertising companies are great!  It is how most of our 6 Figure Income Earners have made the kind of money they’ve made.  The advertisers are advertising for each of us independently but as one collective group.  The firms know on a given week DFI needs X amount of clients based off of what each of us independently have contracted for.  They advertise as if DFI is one entity so none of us share clients and we are never competing for the same clients it allows us to truly continue to build the community that we have without fear that someone will learn a secret or gain an extra edge.  As you build your success if you have a desire to really help others and volunteer as a leader as so many have done you can be confident you are make a team as a whole stronger. 

When clients email us or call us, we just simply call them back and guide them to our websites to provide them with the info they are looking.  We are calling people back who are asking us to contact them.  We don’t have to cold call, we don’t have to figure out advertising and marketing and we don’t have to experiment with our money.  We know when we request a specific amount of potential clients from our advertising companies that is exactly what we will receive in Coastal Travel.

Discovering the advertising companies as we have within DFI is really a huge thanks to our leadership.  Our leadership team is made up of a team of successful Directors who work their business as a full-time career.  They invest their time, money and effort with the trial and error of business and are always looking for other advertising partners or anything that can give us an extra edge and make Coastal Travel even more lucrative.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. I would not have been able to just buy that house or even be in business today if not for the Advertising Firms we use.  It’s how I have made over 90% of my income in the last 5 years since I started.

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