Coastal Vacations Training and DFI


When I first joined Coastal Vacations Training was barely existent. The lack of training in Coastal Vacations was something that created an environment where people where not as successful as they could have been. Coastal Vacations absolutely needed someone to provide real solid training.

DFI, has finally solved the training issue that at one point was an issue in Coastal Vacations. We now have specific training and support to teach a brand new person exactly what they need to do to be successful from the start. But that’s not all, DFI has taken the training in Coastal Vacations to new even higher levels. Allowing people to reach a six figure income with ease.

The Training that DFI provides for all Coastal Vacations Director’s is broken down in to several different ways. First you have the back end of the website. You can actually follow that and make money. Cadie from MN, made $3,200 in 3 days by doing that. Steve from Nebraska, said he is having results he had never experienced before in his Coastal Business until he joined DFI. Heather from VA, made 15,000 in one week recently after plugging her Coastal Vacations business into DFI’s training.

Not only do you have the one on one mentoring of your Director. It does not stop there. Then we have the Six Figure Income Club Call which is advanced training beyond just the simple basics. It’s a topic driven open format call, relaxing environment allowing open communication between the host and guest. Examples of training covered are time management, how to train your new associates effectively so you make more money, advanced marketing concepts, how to become a magnet to increase your effectiveness and everything you need to know to make a Six Figure Income your first year. Also we have the Hot Topics Call this call is also hosted by a Six Figure Income earner and the topics are emailed in by members through out the week. Then the host will go through the call answering questions that members have asked through the week. It is a very relaxing environment as the host opens the line and gets feedback from the rest of the team on the training call. Of course the topics can cover absolutely any aspect of your Coastal Vacations Business.

If that was not enough training it does not stop there. DFI also recommends advanced Training through Dani Johnson. She does training calls for DFI, the leadership also is coached by her on what are the best ways to create success and train the entire membership and the team highly recommends her First Steps to Success seminars.

The Coastal Vacations training being provided by DFI is absolutely the reason there is an entire new generation of Coastal Vacations Director’s having success. Coastal has been paying out higher profits margins then anyone else in the Home Business Industry for over 14 years. Now more people are applying the training and learning how to earn those profits. It looks to be a good year for many people. Thanks to the awesome training DFI is providing in a very family friendly atmosphere. When you are on these calls the closeness and the support of each other is awesome.

Good Luck,
Stacy O’Quinn

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