Compound Activity a Secret to Your Business


Never Underestimate The Power of Compounded Activity

Exercise the simple success habits on a CONSISTENT basis and they will compound like the interest in your bank account. As Albert Einstein said “Compounded interest is the strongest force in the universe.” However , simple errors in judgement will also compound just as easily and thus, harm your business.

Everything we will ask you to do, is EASY. Keep in mind that what is “easy to do” is just as easy ” not to do”. What is harmful is that by not doing it, it won’t destroy you …today.” This is called is a simple error in judgement. The compounded effect of that error, over time can be devastating to you and your business.

As you go thru this business, you will either be making the simple errors in judgements or practicing the simple success disciplines repeated over time. The simple disciplines may mean nothing when you are doing them, but compounded over time, they mean everything to your business. The cumulative effect of your daily activity will either promote you or expose you.

This is called the slight edge philosophy. You are always ‘on’ it.

You are either going up or you are going down. Example. We all know that we are not supposed to eat foods laden with fat. Why then do we choose to eat these types of foods? It’s because when we eat them we know they will not destroy us today. This is called a simple error in judgement. What would we feel like, look like, if we ate a McDonalds hamburger each day? Never underestimate the power of compounded activity. When you do the right things over and over again, repeated over time, you will develop the MOMENTUM needed to take your business to the next level. Think of an airplane taking off at the end of the runway……

Focus on Activity and the Results Will Follow. To become profitable and successful, you will first need to build a solid foundation to your business. It is imperative that you stick to your Gameplan of being ACTIVITY ORIENTED as opposed to being result oriented, especially during your first 90 days. Stick to the basics over and over, day after day, and they will soon become engrained. First you develop the habit of thought and then ultimately, it becomes the habit of action. Learn to “let go of the outcome” and you will begin to experience wonderful results in your business. You will feel liberated because you made a conscious effort to apply yourself in the right place. If you are working on your Coastal business or any business 10 hours or more a week the activity you want to focus on is exposing people to your busines.

You want to talk to 20 people a week reading the first script to them, directing them to your website, and scheduling a follow up appointment in as soon as 15 minutes or no later than 24 hours. Basically you want to make sure each week in your business you are taking no less than 20 people through the first step of the “4 Step Success System”. This is also referred to as putting them in your “Pipeline”. You can find this 20 people from advertising firms, your list of resources, or even what Dani Johnson calls “Lukewarm” market.

Take the pressure off yourself. Just focus on consistent activity, and you will begin to attract many people to you and success to your business!

To Your Success!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Imagine that… and we make 1,000 to 9,705 dollars a transaction. Start compounding your efforts NOW!

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