Congratulations to Katie Hamilton


Before Christmas an email went out alerting you that one of Coastal’s Directors ( a member of DFI ) had graciously donated airfare for one member of DFI who purchased their ticket before Christmas. This contest has completed and a winner randomly selected. That winner is Katie Hamilton.

This often brings up the question, why would someone be willing to pay for the airfare for a total stranger to attend a business training event? Because this leader believes so strongly in what she learned from First Steps to Success, she felt compelled to do her part to help someone else get that exact same training.

Are you prepared to miss the greatest Coastal Travel business training event of 2013?

If the answer is YES, you can stop reading now. If the answer is NO, then keep reading. This training event has limited seating and because of it’s reputation for the number of people who come out of this event and have tremendous success right away it will completely sell out!

Last year this video was created to give you an idea of the type of training that everyone keeps talking about. Watch it now and get the info you need >>


In the video you will see several Coastal Directors featured.

1. Start Selene from FL

2. 0:50 Stacy from NC

3. 1:10 Kathie and Craig from TX

4. 1:16 Jackie and Carmen from GA

5. 1:21 Nike from NC

6. 1:26 Megan from OR

7. 1:53 Tara from MI

8. 3:02 Selene from FL

9. 3:44 Stacy from NC

If you want to join Katie Hamilton in learning how to completely transform your life by getting the skills you need to create an income quickly from home then get registered for that training before it sells out >> http://www.danijohnson.com/events/home-business-entrepreneur-workshop/

Then, send an email to DFIFeedback@gmail.com, so your leadership can add your name to the growing list of Coastal Directors who will be at that training.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


  1. Toni Cloud says:

    Woo Hoo! Katie is my team member!
    So excited for her~this will be her first DaniJohnson event!!
    Congrats Katie!!

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