Dani Johnson and First Steps To Success


What will you learn from Dani Johnson or her first steps to success training?  I guess that depends are you a mom frustrated and want more time freedom and flexibility? Are you a dad that is between jobs and looking another job?  Or maybe you have a job but you are looking a lucrative home business? Either way if you want to increase your income, create additional income and lower your stress and debt.  Dani Johnson can help you!

Before I continue MY DISCLAIMER!

I’m simply a result of Dani Johnson and what she teaches.  I’m not compensated by her or her company in anyway for recommending her training.  I was in the military a struggling dad making 25,000 dollars a year.  I plugged into Dani Johnson and applied her training and took an unsuccessful home based business and made it lucrative thanks to Dani’s teaching.  My first year after First Steps training I made $104,000 that next year, left my military career of 8 years behind.  That was over 8 years ago now, I’ve made well into 6 figures every year now I give away more money than I used to make as a salary in the military.  We’ve paid off 292,000 in debt and today are completely debt-free.

So I got results!  That why I recommend it so heavily.  I get asked all the time, “Stacy what do you get paid are you a groupie?  The answers are no and HELL NO!  My income as increased over and over again year after year from what I’ve learned and continue to learn through the training.  Do you go to church once or do you just watch your favorite movie once? Has your income increased every year for the last 8 years? If you found something that created results and changed your life forever would you go back? I do ever time I’m at a road block or I need that next strategy I go back to the training.

I didn’t’ grow up with wealth!  No one around me is making 6 figures or much less multiple 6 figures and building wealth to the tune of millions.  So for me I can be that one to help those around me but I have to plug into a different source.  If you’ve already found a source that has helped you earn enough money that in the last few years you’ve given away money in the 6 figure range! FANTASTIC.  If you’ve found training or a mentor that is helping you learn to live a fun, debt free life with no stress AMAZING!   

The training can improve your life dramatically especially if you want a new job, opportunity or just pay raise and increased income. Dani Johnson can show you some real world ninja skills that most don’t even realize they are missing!  I’ll see you in Los Angeles CA on the 18th,19th, and 20th.


May 2014 Be Your GREATEST YEAR YET!,
Stacy O’Quinn

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