Dani Johnson and Her Home Business Recipe


Dani Johnson has taught me how to go from zero dollars earned to 6 figures and multiple 6 figures following her recipe on how to work from home.  Learning what I call her home business success recipe and looking to create more and more success with the people I work with, we are about to launch “Jump Start your way to 6 Figures”.

Jump Start training will just be a foundational training on just mastering the basics of what Dani Johnson teaches.  While this is open only to people that I work with I share it here so you can apply it even in your own business. If there is one thing I want to master it’s how to apply more of what Dani teaches and help others to do the same.

One of the things that Dani teaches is we only remember a tiny fraction of everything we read see and hear.  If you teach someone the basics once they may have gotten some of it, but it’s highly unlikely they got every thing they needed.  So how do you teach them the full Dani Johnson recipe?

First you have to have the recipe yourself.  If it’s Dani’s recipe then you have to have results with it and it has to be something that solely came from Dani.  You must take as much of your opinion out of the process as you can.  If’s ok for you to adjust the recipe because of what you think, then your new people will do the same.  You have to teach the basics that work in more than one way.  What will my jump start training teach or reinforce?

1.  All  the basics I use and Dani Johnson has taught

2.  How to use the scripts effectively and why most people mess it up

3.  Basics of time management and helping your newest clients/team members

4.  The basic professional habits every successful person applies

5.  How to create more results and learn a simple process to troubleshoot your own mistakes

6.  How to get more yeses and less nos. 

7.  Effective time management ensuring your business is always fun.

No matter what you teach in your own “Jump Start to 6 Figures Training” make sure you’ve got the results first and foremost yourself.  Remember you are not the expert, this is basic.  Dani Johnson is the expert and she get’s paid to train.  If you care about the people you work with don’t as for them to pay you a “fee” for additional training.  THAT’S LAME!

God Bless,
Stacy O’Quinn

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