Dani Johnson Continues to Create Results for Our Company


Dani Johnson just had her last First Steps to Success Training event in Orlando Florida.  It was crazy to see the people in our company and hear some of them share how much money they made. 

Londa Harpster from WA shared she generated over $19,410 in the last 30 days

Capri Mulder from OR shared she made over $110,000 in the last 11 months.

Angela Lasher from PA shared she made over $23,000 in the last 60 days

These women are all stay at home moms.  It’s been an honor to work with them in our company.  If we just helped moms be able to stay at home and still create an income it would be worth it..  The fact is our company is great, but Dani Johnson and her training makes it possible for anyone to create results fast!

In Orlando Dani Johnson showed 88 people that paid off a total of 6 Million dollars in debt and had saved 4 million in investments and savings using her War on Debt Program.  It was humbling to see so many wearing our company T-Shirts on that stage.

There were over 1,000 people at Dani Johnson’s last event.  It was great to know that the largest group there came from Coastal Travel.  If you are in a legitimate home business and you want to create a lucrative income.  Make sure you are at a Dani Johnson event ASAP.

I can tell you this, we made over a quarter of a million dollars last year working from home and that would not have been possible if I did not plug into her training.  Today I’ve helped others simply by allowing our company to be the vehicle and showing others how to apply what Dani teaches.


Make 2012 Your Best Year Yet!
Stacy O’Quinn 

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