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If you don’t believe it you have got to read this email I just got from a gentleman that works for Dani Johnson.  The story he shares is one of Capri Mulder, and I’ve had the most amazing opportunity from day one when she decided she was sick and tired of being sick and tired and wanted more out of life for her family.  If you love your mom, if you believe after hearing what Capri Mulder did you would want your mom to get the same out of Dani Johnson’s training then let’s meet each other in Anaheim CA in July!


While you were growing up, she was a maker of babies…

a giver of milk

a wiper of bottoms

a dryer of tears

an amateur doctor, dentist, barber and veterinarian

a griller of cheese

a taxi driver

a devoted patron of finger paintings

a chef

a wife

a teacher

your biggest fan

a costume maker

a mender of hearts

an eat-your-heart-out-Martha-Stewart decorator

but above all these things…

Your mother has been a savvy investor. In you.

Whatever her talents and abilities, she gave to you, believing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would grow into an amazing human being. But the privilege and joy of motherhood comes at a price and like many mothers, she put her dreams and goals on hold.

Perhaps (like so many mothers), she saw more potential in you than she ever saw in herself – letting opportunity pass her by, because of her age, maybe because she "never finished that degree," or because they’re still paying off the house (yeah, the one she didn’t want to buy in the first place).

It’s heartbreaking to see someone who has poured so much into others, do so little for herself. It’s a tragedy really – will your mother end up dead or dead-broke at 65, like 98% of her generation?

Forget the excuses and little white lies you’ve heard her use. Your mother’s best years could still be ahead of her, but it all comes down to one crucial decision…

What if you could release her full potential? What if you could be the catalyst for turning your mother’s dreams into reality? That gorgeous home, the one with acres of flower and vegetable gardens, or that volunteer mission to Africa that she talked about for years… it’s all still possible. What’s more, it’s way easier than you or she ever imagined.

This Mother’s Day, invest in the woman who made your life possible and send her to Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success in Anaheim, California.

Your mother could be the next Capri Mulder:

“Before discovering Dani Johnson… I was the cleaning lady working for minimum wage. My husband was working two jobs and was totally burned out also. We were drowning in debt, gaining weight and stressed out. Life wasn’t fun anymore. It was hard to make ends meet and get all the bills paid. We were stuck and hopeless and lost our dreams. We could never go on family vacations like we wanted to…"

Capri and her husband decided that it wasn’t too late in life to achieve tangible success:

"We have annihilated $31,000 in debt personally and helped friends pay off over $100,000… and we went on our first “real” vacation to a tropical place this year."

It’s simple, Capri is living the life she dreamed of,

"Your life can change just like mine did if you are willing.”

>>Click here to send your mother on a journey she might never take otherwise.

Mothers deserve to be celebrated,
Zac Garver

P.S. Worried about the risk? What if she doesn’t like it? Fortunately for you, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means if your mom comes back from First Steps to Success and feels like gallbladder surgery (without anasthetic) would have been less painful, we’ll refund the full ticket price. Yep, it’s that easy.

End Message


That was one of the best emails full of fun truths and facts that honor moms everywhere.  Taking my mom to First Steps to Success was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

God Bless You and Your Mom,
Stacy O’Quinn

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