Dani Johnson, DFI Coastal Travel and Pictures from Belize Orphanage


We just came back from spending Christmas with the Orphanage “Kings Childerns Home” in Belize.  Dani Johnson first planted this vision in our company to support these kids.  It has always been our desire to increase our impact.  One of our goals in DFI with Coastal Travel is to help people make more money.  We model Dani Johnson and her training through out our entire company.  That is probably why we have so many people making so much money.  Dani Johnson and her training and the techniques that Dani used to go from homeless to millionaire is proven.  As a company we are honored to have partnered with Dani Johnson for all of our training.

Once we have had success in our company then it is our turn to give back.  As a team DFI and Coastal Travel is doing that in a big way.  Below I’m going to share some video of some incredible people and Amazing kids.  Later I will post more of the videos from the Orphanage.  Help us help them and lets give back.  To Donate go to and click on DFI Donations!

Special Thanks to all of DFI Coastal Travel, Dani Johnson and all those who gave!
Stacy O’Quinn

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