Dani Johnson still Creates Results for the Home Business Industry!


In DFI and Coastal Travel we have 3 Primary forms of training but all 3 come from the same source.  Dani Johnson!  Over 200 companies have plugged into Dani Johnson’s training due to the results.  Dani chooses to partner with only a select few.  In DFI we are fortunate that Dani Johnson has chosen to work with us.  All of the training in our company marketing system and all of the training that we do one on one is also completely rooted in Dani Johnson’s training and techniques.  Why would we do that?  Because of results silly!!!

Below is a Dani Johnson video recorded at an event with well over 100 companies represented.  In the video below every single person that is in a black t-shirt or has a red ribbon on their name tag is in our company!  Anyone can apply Dani Johnson’s training to their company.  The key is follow the recipe to the exact ingredient and don’t change it.  That’s why we’ve had the results we’ve had.

Congrats goes out to an incredible gentleman that just joined the team Virgil from TX!  Also Eddie from London, just gotten his Premier package.  He is also launching our company in London.  He’s an incredible leader anyone working with him is blessed!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Dani’s Training has allowed me to Generate 46,305 in Profit in our company in the last 82 days!

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