Dani Johnson | How did she earn her millions?



Have you heard of Dani Johnson? You probably have saw one of the hundreds of interviews she’s done in the last few years on TV, in print or on the radio.  She went from living in her care to being homeless to earning a million dollars starting a home business out of the trunk of her car.

People always ask how she did it?  The question really is can you do it?  In short the answer is yes but keep reading and I’ll explain.  Dani Johnson as she made her money was in a unique position.  See being in a home based business part of what she wanted to do was to market a product and to get some of those people that owned the product to desire to market it as well.  The more they succeeded obviously the more she succeeded.  So here is what is interesting in that scenario Dani had to create a system to train her new “co-workers”. 

Right as Dani started she had created a script and a method to getting clients.  That was the basis of her system, she could now teach each one of her new people how to get an endless supply of clients and how present the product they marketed with the same script she used.  That script is still available today and helped people generate millions and millions of dollars of income.  Eventually due to a number of circumstances from having her company embezzled to medical issues she eventually sold her company and retired.

While in retirement several people close to Dani Johnson encouraged her to get back in the market place.  She had intentionally and unintentionally created a system that could be used by anyone that marketed a product or a service.  Her biggest fan and husband Hans Johnson created the prototype today for their website  Today Dani, is still teaching their model!  Being successful working from home or even in the corporate world takes a system.  While she started in the home based business world, she’s expanded much more than that.  Not only did she make her first millions with the system, she teaches you today how she’s still modeling that same system, even that first script in her companies.

The best part is you and I can use that same system if we have a product or service that is lucrative.  I’m a Dani client, and have been for 9 years.  Originally I didn’t know how to make money working from home.  After my first First Steps to Success event, I realized it was a system and using Dani’s techniques, scripts and system I earned my first $13,000 in profit out of that training event and 6 figures every year since.  Today, when I’m talking to clients I’m doing my best to be just like Dani was using her own system.  When I get someone else that wants to succeed… I show them the same system.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  While I highly recommend Dani Johnson’s training.  I’m a client and am in no way what so ever compensated for recommending her.  While there are some who may be affiliates and or part of their marketing staff.  That’s not me!  I’m not looking to replace Dani Johnson I just want to get dang good and showing others how to apply what she did out of that phone booth so many years ago.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


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P.P.S. If you want to know where to begin with Dani Johnson’s training.  I’d recommend her book to start with.  First Steps to Wealth.

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