Dani Johnson is coming to DFI


I was just going through my emails this morning and ran into this one about Dani Johnson coming to DFI on Tuesday.  Any time we have a chance like this it’s not to be missed no matter what.  I personally have been able to make a 6 figure income with our company telecommuting the entire time from home and we have paid off 292,000 dollars in debt in the last 4 years thanks to Dani Johnson’s training.  If you are serious about wanting to improve your financial situation you can’t miss this live training call.  Dani charges a $1,000 dollars and hour for her  training one on one and we get to listen in to a call for FREE. 

IF WE HAD TO PAY FOR IT, it would be worth every penny.  But we don’t just follow the instructions in the email I got, it is totally free to listen in.

Believe it or not we have been notified that Dani Johnson is coming to DFI. This is going to happen Tuesday night at 7 pm EST. On the conference call number 816-410-7493 pin 607556#.

It is extraordinarily rare to have someone like Dani Johnson on a live conference call exclusively for DFI. If you are new in business or a seasoned veteran this is a conference that you must attend. Those in DFI who have been on conference calls in the past with Dani will be changing plans or rescheduling current plans to make certain they do not miss out on this.

You will want to be in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Make sure you are taking notes while Dani is speaking. We apologize for the last minute notice but we have notified you as soon a we found out!

Don’t miss this,
DFILive Support Team

This is awesome I can’t wait,
See you there…
Stacy O’Quinn

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