Dani Johnson, Jacksonville FL Here We Come!


Our company is heading to Jacksonville Florida for Dani Johnson training.  Not just our company my entire family is going to this one.  We will be going a day early just to hang out with the kids.  Alexis and Edgar are 5 and 3 respectively and to them hanging out at a hotel sounds like a BLAST!  They are so excited that they get to sleep in a hotel.  It’s comical, but in all seriousness hearing them talk back and forth reminds me of the opportunity they have as kids because we are a stay at home family. 

My kids are incredible little blessings, and currently they don’t know how blessed they are.  Mid-day today it was in the 70’s here, nice and sunny outside.  My kids wanted to play catch so I took a little time off and just threw a tennis ball around the yard.  They laughed, screamed and yelled with excitement as we chased that bright neon green ball around the yard.  It is sad how many parents don’t get to enjoy the small things in life, called their kids.

As we head down to Jacksonville FL, for the Dani Johnson event I’m not sure what exactly we will do yet.  But one thing is for certain it will be one heck of an adventure for Alexis and Edgar and it will be memories they will keep for the rest of their lives.

If you are going to be at that event, let’s meet and shake hands!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. The next blog post we will talk about getting the most out of a Dani Johnson Event.  Renae from MN, just experienced this coming off of a $13,000 week.

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