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Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner have both appeared on ABC’s Secret Millionaire.  I met Jeff several years ago as we both attended an intense live Dani Johnson training event.  Back then I netted more income than Jeff Usner but we both took our income and it exploded after Dani’s training (Jeff’s exploded WAY MORE THAN my own) 

Both Millionaires have something in common that has adjusted my focus and allowed my income to reach incredible new heights.  Their one secret alone has really created something powerful.  Both of the secret millionaires are a product of this one secret tip.  The problem is most people once they know it will not apply it.  But this single tip allowed us to almost double our income last year up to 280,000 dollars.

What is their secret tip?  You must put purpose to money.  That purpose has to be much bigger than your bills.  It has to be bigger than your “small” need right now.  It has to be bigger than the problem that motivates you this moment.  Because most people will almost do just enough and if that’s the case your current problem will not motivate you ENOUGH to improve where you are.  Both Dani and Jeff have inspired me to do more, to give more, to impact more and to touch more people.  Dani Johnson once told me, Stacy how many homes can you buy? She’s right, we went from 6 figures in debt to since plugging into her training we’ve bought and/or sold over 7 homes and looking to currently buy two more in the next couple of months.  She said you can only go on so many vacations, and once again she’s right thanks to Dani’s training we’ve been all over the world and this year alone we’ve been to Nicaragua, Texas, California, and we are going to Washington DC, Antiqua, Tortola, Belize, St. Thomas and we’ve even considered a private mountain cabin trip for just my wife and I.  Finally, Dani mentioned your debt is temporary and she was right again after her training we eventually became completely debt free paying off over 292,000 dollars.

So what purpose did Dani have in mind and what does Jeff Usner practice?  Something bigger than you.  Give a way a portion of your own money and then focus on increasing your income so that portion gets bigger.  Have a goal for the need you are going to meet.  It could be the homeless, human trafficking and the sex trade, or it could be widows and orphans.  But make a plan to give to something bigger than you.  That need alone will give purpose to your money and that need alone will be the motivating factor to drive you every day so you can grow your income to incredible levels.

My long term goal is to be able to give away $100,000 dollars in a single year.  Our old goal was to give our “old” annual income away in a single year.  We’ve surpassed that last year.  My short term goal is to give away my next 10,000 dollars of income to an orphanage in Belize!  If you have an incredible income already but you want it to grow I’d encourage you to give to www.kingsrandsomfoundation.org a tax deductible charity that gives 100% of your donation to the cause.  If you don’t have a lucrative income then I’d encourage you to find an additional stream of income so you can give back to others, create a lucrative income from your home, build a skill set to match the purpose for your money!


To Your Success, let’s bless others!
Stacy O’Quinn

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