Dani Johnson Product Review–Honest and Critical


A Dani Johnson Review can be broken down into three very broad categories and I will follow this post up with very specific product reviews in the future.  Dani Johnson has 3 main types of products first is FREE, the products available for purchase and then her live training events that are held all over the world.

First let me say this, I am an unbiased user of Dani’s material.  I am not an employee or compensated directly in any way.  My opinion is based off of my experience and the experience of those I’ve worked closely with.  I do recommend Dani Johnson and her training to any one who has a desire to increase their income professionally or want to work from home and in a very legitimate way.

Back to the REVIEW!

1.  The FREE Content —  Dani Johnson has a free Monday night call every Monday night where she covers content from time management, to wealth creation to having a peaceful loving and productive home life.  She also has FREE videos and audios available at danijohnson dot com.  Now her free material is probably the most valuable free stuff I’ve ever seen.  She does deliver real content.  Some of the free content will have a slight promotional basis to it, but then again what did you expect it didn’t cost you a dime.  But for more advanced training you do want to look at her other content.

2.  Products and Content for Sale – I can safely say I’ve spent hours and hours listening, watching and applying the techniques that Dani Johnson teaches in her products.  A Dani Johnson Review would not be worth it with out someone actually looking to see if it works!  I will say this, Dani’s concepts and techniques are genuine, real and productive.  All of their products have a 100% Money Back Guarantee and I own them all and have never asked for my money back.  There is serious meat and potatoes and when reviewing her products I noticed most of Dani’s content is not concept or theory based but very practical.  You can tell she’s teaching you what she’s done not something someone has told her.

3.  Live Training Events – When dong a Dani Johnson Review on Dani’s live training events like First Steps to Success it can only be summed up in one phrase!  WORTH EVERY PENNY IF NOT MORE.  Once you’ve heard some of Dani’s content before you go to a live training event you would think you have an idea of what it would be like. The truth is you would be clueless though.  Her live training events are like no other product the content is unique only to her events.  It is very VERY targeted and extremely practical, applicable and specific.  I would recommend a live training event to any one at least once.  Heck I recommended the one coming up to my mom and I can’t wait.  Her content is extremely well rounded from getting that dream job and landing that interview, to increasing your income, increasing your clients, identify those in your life that want to help you, want to give strategic strategies and tips, those that want to help you enjoy life and relax and those that want to compete with you.  How to benefit from all of those relationships and build wealth at the same time.

The bottom line is this, I highly recommend any of Dani’s products but her live training events are also 100% Money Back Guaranteed and they improve people’s lives dramatically.  In our company some consider me a “trainer now”.  I’ve had incredible success and we work from home make 6 Figures a year for the last 6 years, paid of 192,000 dollars in debt and we have fun as a family.  Maybe some think that justifies me to show or train someone else how to do what I’ve done.  IF so great,  I’ve helped 100’s in our company generate 5 figures a month what I can tell you is I’ve become a master of teaching how to apply what Dani teaches and I’ve become a master at recommending her to others.  That’s what’s caused my success.


Dani Johnson Review by Stacy O’Quinn

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