Dani Johnson Script Book Required for Legitimate Home Business


Dani Johnson Script Book actually books are required for any home business or anyone who telecommutes from home and markets any product or service.  Dani Johnson Script Book typically refers to the main script book.  But she has a supplemental script book (my favorite) that covers every single objection a client could ever give you.  Dani’s Script Books are the recipe to follow if you need to increase your ratios on recruiting clients for your services or closing them on your products. 

My personal experience is before the Dani Johnson script book I made no sales in my internet home business.  After her purchasing her script book and her 6 figures in 6 months training I made $104,000 dollars my first year.  I’ve been able to work entirely from home for over 5 years and generate 6 figures every single year and I still read her scripts every single day that I work.  Stacy O’Quinn

What I recommend as I teach people how to start making money from home with a legitimate home business.  You can’t waste time reinventing the wheel Dani’s Script Books and her 6 Figures in Six Months training series are a must for a new person regardless of the industry.  There is some great Free training on her website but you really need the script book to go along with it.

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Over the years, Dani has taken everyday average people with or without sales experience and helped them develop closing ratios as high as 90%!


There are 2 key tools she has used to do this. One is through her scripts. The second is through her personal mentoring and coaching and her training seminars. In this new DaniJohnson.com product release, you get her exclusive scripts AND the specialized training to go right along with it.

To Your Success,

Stacy O’Quinn


  1. Capri Mulder says:

    I struggled previously in home base business and when I got a hold of Dani’s script books, I was so excited because I had “my words” I was always searching for the right thing to say and now, I follow the script exactly and have perfect words everytime. I generated 19,300 in 4 weeks using both of Dani’s script books. You gotta get em!!! Their awesome!

  2. I have worked personally with Stacy, and can verify that he absolutely does read the scripts, word-for-word. If those scripts earned Stacy $104000 his first year on a part time basis, then they’re good enough for me!

  3. stacydfi says:

    Andrea thank you for backing me up, but you ain’t doing half bad your self. Capri, that was a great investment and quick return… LOL… I told you they are amazing.

  4. Denise says:

    Hey brother, you have two really bad spelling errors in that pop-up when a person firsts visits your site. Here’s what it says:

    Instantly get your FREE Traning Guide Were We Reveal How to Legitimately Work From Home

    and here’s how it SHOULD read:
    Instantly get your FREE Training Guide Where We Reveal How to Legitimately Work From Home

    I linked to you from Dani’s site.

  5. stacydfi says:

    Thank you, apparently it’s been that way for months and no one told me and I completely over looked it. Thanks for the link!

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