Dani Johnson Shares Why You Can Have an Excuse


ABC’s Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson recently shared why you can have an excuse.  Often we give them as reasons and often all an excuse is, is a reason on why we delay or hold ourselves back and justify our lack of action.

Common sense tells us that with out action we can’t have results but we continue to tell ourselves “well planned lies” as Dani Johnson would call it.  Dani has been helping people increase their income working from home since before being on ABC’s Secret Millionaire but one thing she said at a recent training event really hit home.  She made a bold and provocative statement.

“We have excuses because we can afford to.”

When Dani Johnson said that, immediately I realized as a millionaire she obviously thinks different than most.  It really hit home with me, as I’ve constantly worked to continue to develop 6 Figure Income earners working from home there are some people who just have every reason (excuse) in the book to not work.

It’s simple when I have a new stay at home mom or dad successful complete our prescreening process (we try to weed out lazy) you can’t teach someone to make money if they are not going to actually follow directions.  I’ve learned and am always looking to master and continue to apply and teach people how to apply what Dani Johnson does. 

There are times once I show some one the scripts, I show them how to get an endless supply of leads from the same advertising firms I use and I teach them how to use the same website system I use.  When we are done there is nothing I do that they can’t do.  It’s super simple and I believe in leading by example.  HELLO!!!

But there are always people who want to reinvent the wheel and bang their head against the wall doing something not proven.  If you are serious and you want to succeed and you can’t afford excuses then complete the form to the right and let’s work together.


To Your Success,

Stacy O’Quinn

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