Dani Johnson style results continue in DFI


If you have never heard of Dani Johnson or experienced Dani Johnson training in person at a First Steps to Success, then you may not understand why a team like DFI that is based around her training could have the success that they have experienced so far.

DFI continues to be the fastest growing group and most successful support and training network in the home business industry. Without a doubt they have created more success faster in one place than anyone ever has in the 14 year old travel company Coastal Travel. The results come from duplication, which is what happens when everyone builds their business with the same process just like Dani Johnson teaches. Leaders in DFI like Catherine Rupp, Jackie O’Quinn and Renae Heikkila build their Coastal Travel business just like the brand new person and how Dani Johnson recommends.” Some of the recent success the DFI Training and Support team has seen by modeling Dani Johnson and her training can be seen in the post below.

Right after I posted that yesterday we received another story from Cutting Edge Media sharing success of one of our amazing Canadian members. Her name is Helene Wolters, she was a lawyer and currently works from home. She is an active member of DFI and if you happen to ever connect with her you definitely want to pick her brain. Here is the most recent testimony she shared with Cutting Edge Media.

I have just resumed working my Coastal Travel business after taking some quality time off to spend with my family. I am now in my second week of being back in business and I have already profited $10,705 thanks to the high quality CEM premium leads. I highly recommend CEM to anyone who is serious and motivated to build a 6-figure income!
Helene Wolters

Congrats Helene! You deserve everything you get from your hard work!

I would also like to welcome Danny Jimenez from Nevada who also joined our team yesterday evening after the previous post. I will be working with him directly, he has the drive and the desire and we are stoked to be working with you Danny.

Have a Great Day!
Stacy O’Quinn
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