Dani Johnson Training for Home Businesses Creates Results!


Dani Johnson is going to be doing a First Steps to Success Seminar in Dallas Texas this weekend and I am hear.  I’m looking forward to who all I will meet on our team.  Many of our leaders I’ve met but I’m sure there are many future leaders I have yet to meet.  Dani Johnson and her home business training through First Steps to Success has created more results for people that have work at home jobs than anything I know of.  In DFI we are fortunate because of the 100’s of companies that Dani Johnson consults and trains for we have the highest profit margin and our team/company training aligns perfectly with Dani Johnson’s proven techniques.

Every single 6 Figure Income earner in DFI and every single member of the 6 Figure Income Club has been through Dani Johnson’s training.  Before working from home and going through this training I was 6 Figures in-debt in the military and only making about 25,000 a year.  Now today, I’ve made a 6 Figure Income since my first year ever working from home, thanks to the team work of DFI and Dani Johnson’s training.  I have actually paid off 292,000 dollars in debt in the last 48 months.

Last month we bought a new home and paid CASH for it and as of Thursday this week we paid off our last bill and Dawn and I are 100% debt free!  It’s total freedom!  Financial freedom is an indescribable feeling.  It is our goal to share this gift with as many people as possible.  This remainder of this year we are going to be working with an Elite Group of people currently termed the Elite 7.  Together we will not just be people who make a lot of money we will become people who make a major impact!  These 7 Professional Home Business Owners will be the ones that help others, they will become Authors, Teachers and Speakers.  They will become legends in the Home Business Industry.

Our impact will become so big that those we touch will benefit for the rest of their lives!  As we learn from Dani Johnson this weekend it is not just what we can do with Dani’s training but it is what impact can we have that will help other people.  Our lives are not our own, they are attached to others and we honor that responsibility well!  AMEN!

See You at the Top,
Stacy O’Quinn

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