Dani Johnson Training Live Tonight!


In DFI we are honored that Dani Johnsonis apparently is in the spirit of giving.  We have a unique opportunity to get the rare chance to hear from Dani Johnson directly.  As she shares tips, techniques and strategies for our team on how she went from being homeless to working out of a pay phone booth to millionaire in 2 years.  Every single 6 Figure Income Earner in Coastal Travel has learned from her training.  Of the hundreds of companies that Dani Johnson students have come from Dani Johnson has only closely worked with a few companies doing training specifically for them this year.  We are honored to be one of those companies.

We are honored that tonight at 9pm Eastern Dani Johnson will be doing a training for Coastal Travel.  The strategies that she shares will absolutely have an impact on any one who works from home currently or wants to be able to work from home and be successful.  Last time Dani Johnson did a call for DFI the lines were overflowing.  If you want to ensure you can hear this training your self make sure you dial in tonight at 9pm 816-410-7493 Pin 604556#

In my own experience new people I’ve worked with that plug into Dani has had mind blowing results.  I personally made no money working from home initially after Dani Johnson training I made 13,000 dollars in profit. 

Jon in PA made 9600 in profit

Stephen in LA made 12,200 in profit

Jennifer in MT  made 7,500 in profit

Lorraine in VA made 2,000 in profit

Catherine in MO made 9,705 in profit

Michelle in CA made 3,000 in profit

These were all 30 days after listening to Dani Johnson do some training.  Do you want to miss this call tonight?  Dial in EARLY!

9 PM Eastern
816-410-7493 Pin 607556#

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. We will be giving an update on the Money raised for the Orphanage in Belize in the next post.  It’s mind-blowing what we’ve done as a team!

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