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Dani Johnson is a speaker, author, trainer, business coach, mother and wife. Dani Johnson went from being homeless to a millionaire in two years. DFI has had incredible success by following Dani’s training. Dani Johnson and her training has created results in some cases like myself who had made no money, nothing, zero, nada until I started applying.

Recently Dani Johnson found time out of her schedule to do a training just for DFI. Regardless what type of home business you are in if you are will to learn and follow Dani’s training you can have success. Dani commands 1,000 dollars for one hour of her time and she deserves it based off of the results. Here is the letter DFI sent out with a training call she did for our team. Apply it to your business!

In DFI we’ve created an incredible amount of success and our secret can be used in any Home Business. We work in the travel industry, but regardless if you are in health and wellness or beauty products or any business period here is one SECRET that will help you succeed.

Dani Johnson, is a business coach and trainer. She teaches what she did to go from homeless with $2.03 cent to her name to a millionaire in two years. She is not connected to DFI in any way shape or form. You may have seen her on CNBC with Donnie Duetch the host of the “Big Idea”.

We invited you to this call last week. But the lines got overwhelmed and most of you could not get in. Take Dani’s training and apply to your business no matter what. Our goal in DFI is to increase the success rate of the home business industry at large regardless of what company you are with.

Lyional from AZ took one tip from Dani and made 22,000 dollars.

Make sure you have a pen and paper handy. Don’t miss your one tip!


Succeed No Matter What,

P.S. We will be having a strategy session conference call for everyone going to First Steps to Success you can register here www.dfipromo.com once you register send an email to announcements@mydfilive.com so we can get you the strategy session info!

Thanks DFI,
Stacy O’Quinn

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