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Dani Johnson knows what it takes to make money, create results and inspire others to make decisions and create results.  Dani Johnson is a mom who’s made way more than 6 Figures she is a millionaire several times over.  But Dani Johnson has helped others moms make 6 Figures and even 7 figures.  She has helped Dads, business owners, accountants, engineers and others look to create more results from home or even in their every day life?  So let’s assume you are a mom and you want to create more results for your family how can Dani’s training help you?

First of all two facts have to be established.  Dani Johnson is the real deal, she went from homeless building a business out of the trunk of her car to am millionaire.  She teaches what she’s done, it’s not theory or hype it’s what she’s had experience in and she shows you how to apply it to any legitimate business and she can show you how to make it a lucrative business even if you are a stay at home mom with a home business.  That’s how Dani started in a home business but she just didn’t have a home.  It was a payphone booth and the trunk of her car. 

The second fact is something we all learn as we really strive for success.  Successful people think differently.  They don’t have special abilities, they don’t get more than 24 hours in a day and they still need food, water and oxygen.  But it’s pretty much a known fact that a successful person thinks about things differently.  So in my own experience going from a struggling dad in the military to a debt-free, vacation loving, God Fearing, happy husband and multiple 6 figure income earner. Dani’s specific training from her Monday night free strategy calls which I attend weekly and I have for years, to her live events like First Steps to Success which I’ve been to several times you learn the specific techniques that Dani uses plus you gradually find your self in an environment where you start to think about business and opportunities slightly different.

If your mentor is a multimillionaire and you hang around that person you can’t help but to begin to pick up some of their thought patterns as well as their techniques.  The issue is many people find mentors that are selling books and not results.  Dani Johnson and the results she creates for others are proven since 90+% of their business has been solely built on referrals alone (meaning others that have gotten results).

Once you’ve learned to maximize your results and increase your own income make sure those that work with you are plugging into the same expert and millionaire.  Do not attempt to be their everything, you aren’t God.  Don’t puff up your ego by re-teaching what you’ve learned, plug them into the same source and your income will multiply.  Gradually they learn the same techniques and gradually their thoughts shift to create more lucrative results for them and you.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mom, dad, grandparent or just out of college if you have a legitimate home business Dani Johnson can help you make a 6 figure income.  Take it from one client to potentially another.

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