Dani Johnson Will be in Orlando!


Have you heard what’s going to happen there with Dani Johnson?  Do you know the details?  I got this email from DFI Live Yesterday.  I think it clearly gives you a better understanding on what you will get out of that event for those that will be there.  And what you may miss out on if you are not there.  Dani Johnson and her training has been the corner stone to my personal success!  I absolutely recommend Dani Johnson and her training to any one who wants to make their home business a lucrative home business.

FULL DISCLAIMER:  I’m not an affiliate and I don’t benefit in any way from Dani Johnson or her company.  I’m simply a client that went from 6 figures in debt, to debt free and now 6 figure income earner so far this year we have made 72,700 in profit due to her training.


Are you a single parent with 3 kids and can’t afford to put food in the fridge?

Are you suicidal and battling depression?

Are you 64 years old and completely dead broke?

Hopefully you answered “NO” to all three of those questions. If you did, then you are in a much better place than these people >>


Yet they were able to radically transform their lives very quickly and you can too! Coastal Travel, and the training provided by Dani Johnson is NOT on trial! If you were able to answer “NO” to all three questions above then the question that you have to ask yourself is simply this…. What exactly are you waiting for?

Here is the list of people so far that have said they are going to First Steps in Orlando. Many of them have made unbelievable sacrifices to attend this training… What are you waiting for? Many of them had to cancel plans so they could attend this training… What are you waiting for?

1. Jenny Perales
2. Jackie O’Quinn
3. Robyn De Bower
4. Gale Daniels
5. Stacy O’Quinn
6. Marine Gabunia
7. Andrea DeRego
8. Mintra Lewis
9. Jenny Perales
10. Angelica Perales
11. Mindy Sartin
12. John Sartin
13. Douglas Lucero
14. Sandy Lucero
15. Adam Miller
16. Dianne McGuigan
17. Shane Houston
18. Danielle Houston
19. Tracy Woudwyk
20. Chris Keats
21. Steve Shepherd
22. Merry Lynn Shepherd
23. Kara Shepherd
24. Sarah Shepherd
25. Laura Shepherd
26. Belina Peirce
27. Carmen O’Quinn
28. Joshua Peirce
29. Zingg Howard
30. Dorothy Gonzalez
31. Amira Olive
32. Gary Mach
33. Jane Mach
34. Lee Myhan
35. Cathy Myhan
36. Chuck Mclauchlin
37. Nancy Wall
38. Henry Wall
39. Gary Buckley
40. Candace Moore
41. Heather LeFoll
42. Nicole Ellis
43. Jane Adamson
44. Antony Ngere
45. Adam Miller
46. Barbara Barton

If your name is not on the list and you are going to First Steps to Success, then send an email immediately so that your name will get added to the list.

To Your Success, Support Team

P.S. If you are going to First Steps to Success this coming weekend then be sure to check your team call schedule in the back office so that you may attend the team’s First Steps Prep Call Wednesday evening at 10 pm EDT.

Each of of these individuals made a decision to step up and get their success.  No One else would do it for them.  If you are working with any one of the leaders who’s names appeared in that email consider yourself blessed.  If you are in any home business follow Dani’s recipe to the T.  It works!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S.  I’m not the expert Dani Johnson is.  I’m just working to become an expert at applying what the expert teaches.

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