Dani Johnson Will Be in Pittsburgh PA


I will be there with a small army of people I’m blessed to work with.  People ask me all the time what do I get out of promoting Dani Johnson or her training so much?  I’ve had more than a few people attempt to argue with me and tell me how much she must pay me.  Now that would be pretty dang funny except the reason they ask is because so often the world we live in to actually help someone or do something nice for someone most people tend to only focus on what’s in it for me?

The COLD HARD FACTS are Dani or her companies have never given me any financial compensation in any way shape or form.  But when I struggled and read all the success stories on the Internet no one told me the how to, until I went to my first First Steps to Success event.  In that event I realized Dani Johnson was the real deal.  The fact that I made a 6 figure income out of that event when previously I had made ZERO dollars in any home business proved her concepts worked!

So I go to the majority of Dani Johnson events for several reasons.

1.  I practice what I preach, it’s something that I admired about Dani Johnson and it’s something that is rare in this world.  So when I recommend someone to go I do my best to be there as well.

2.  I’m constantly learning, as Dani never stops learning and she has way more content then probably 10  3 day seminars could hold.  It’s always new things I need to hear or I did not hear previously.

3.  I get to meet the people I work with over the phone face to face.  When I’m working with a brand new person, I’m always doing my best to duplicate exactly what Dani does.  But for a new person to learn those things directly from the source and for us to get to hang out together and get to know one another it’s totally awesome!  You meet new and powerful friends and that’s extremely rewarding.

4.  If they succeed I’ve succeeded.  There is no better reward than Capri Mulder sending me an Instant Message a couple of weeks ago saying she’s writing the check for her last bill and will be completely debt free.  Or Toni Cloud telling me she just made $6,000 dollars.  First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson is the best way for that to happen to the people I care the most about.

5.  Only one skill I want to master and that is how to show others how to specifically apply what Dani teaches when she’s not available or a First Steps is weeks out.  So I’m only going to master that from learning and applying and always getting better.


At this event I’m honored to be part of a small army of people that I get to work with every day!  Each and ever one of you are amazing. Your success is inspirational and your life will be strategic by design and powerful!  Anyone who is working with you one on one I hope they know how BLESSED they truly are.  Thank you for being an example to so many!

1. Douglas Lucero
2. Stacy O’Quinn
3. Christina Moyer
4. Troy Moyer
5. Jackie O’Quinn
6. Carmen O’Quinn
7. Bruce Dunn
8. Sarah Dunn
9. Tiffany Haas
10. Jasmin Lucero
11. Dorothy Graham
12. Dianne Mc Guigan
13. Shane Houston
14. Danielle Houston
15. Nicole Houston
16. Amy Ostropolec
17. Matt Ostropolec
18. Patti Reiersgaard
19. Angela Lasher
20. Lily Secada
21. Brenda LaDow
22. Gustavo Garzon
23. Marina Gabunia
24. Judy Donald
25. Kara Shepherd
26. Steve Shepherd
27. Mary Lynn Shepherd
28. Robyn De Brouwer
29. Belinda Peirce
30. Amira Olive
31. Nico Eymard
32. Nancy Wall
33. Christine Scott
34. Donna Baerg
35. Gary Mach
36. Jane Mach
37. David DeRego
38. Andrea DeRego
39. Sandy Lucero
40. Joel Lucero
41. Chad Ketcher
42. Loriann Ketcher
43. Dorothy Graham
44. John Sartin
45. Mindy Sartin
46. Janet Gregory O’Mara
47. Lawrence Scott
48. Cristina Scott
49. Martin Anim-danso
50. Mary Anim-danso
51. Myra Hill
52. Tara Hayes Johnson


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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