Dani Johnson with Donni Duetsch


I got this email from DFI “Decide Freedom International” today. This is absolutely amazing. The best part is Dani Johnson could not be where she is at if it where not for our success. When you grasp that… it is MIND BLOWING. She built her entire model off of our ability to have success absolutely AMAZING!

Here check out the email for yourself…

Our trainer Dani Johnson is the most sought after trainer in this industry and in business, period. We are fortunate enough to get our training from the best!

We are honored to announce to you that Dani is being interviewed on Wednesday evening at 10pm EST/9pm CST/8pm MST/7pm PST on CNBC with Donny Deutsch. Dani is being interviewed due to her success in THIS industry and the success of her clients (US) as a direct result of following her training system!

So don’t forget to tune into CNBC on Wednesday evening and watch as our very own trainer Dani Johnson is interviewed. You might want to focus on what she has to say in this interview as she tends to drop gold nuggets particular to your business everytime she speaks!
We are looking forward to watching it as well!

In the meantime, don’t forget to dial into her training call tonight! They only happen on Monday evenings and you definately don’t want to miss it.

Lucky us!
Stacy O’Quinn

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