Number one Failure of Legitimate Internet Business


So you want to run a Legitimate Internet Business?  Dani Johnson has often shared the worse thing about success; do you know what that is?  Do you have any clue why even in a legitimate Internet Business most people still fail?  Dani Johnson’s training and experience is has helped thousands of people become 6 Figure Income earners and beyond.  6 Figures is only the beginning but for every single person whose achieved that level of success doing something legitimate from home there is one lesson that Dani teaches that they got!

“The worse thing about success is a little bit.”  Dani teaches this often but when someone is brand new they don’t get it.  Many of us first started looking for a way to work from home because we had some level of desperation.  Getting a normal job wasn’t possible.  No one was hiring or we could not work around our current work schedule.  But financially we may have still struggled either we were in massive debt and it’s what we faced month in and month out or we were sick and tired of our boss or job controlling our lives and still not getting to the place we wanted to be.  Total financial freedom (6 figures would be nice) and plenty of time to spend with our kids and family.

The fact is when you find a legitimate Internet business it will not be a lottery ticket and it will take work.  But as soon as you succeed a little bit and that desperation is not there.  As soon as you have 5,000 or 10,000 or maybe 50,000 extra in your bank account will you still go to work?  You could have the opportunity of a lifetime but will you still show up to get the job done?  Dani Johnson teaches the best thing you can do is put your check in the drawer.  The key is you must learn to work for yourself in a way that you would promote yourself if you were really your own boss.  Or would you fire yourself based off of your work ethic?  Most people start out working diligent in their business but as soon as the going gets good they disappear and, there is nothing wrong with that unless you are looking to make an lifestyle of total freedom versus just extra money.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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