Dani Johnson’s 3 Types of Training


Dani Johnson teaches the different in the 3 different types of training.  We will discuss each of them and I’ll share what we do in Coastal Travel and anyone should use if they have a legitimate home business. Based off of the results in our company Dani must have it right and it’s not just our company look at other Dani clients like Jeff Usner who will be featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire this season.

What Jeff Usner knows is that Dani is correct in her concept.  She explains that there are 3 primary methods we can train ourselves ore we can learn.  They are from books, live seminars and/or one on one coaching and mentoring.  All have their place and value but only one creates the quickest results when learning a new skill.

First books, are a great concept to “study/learn” about a concept but books typically are just that pages of words and they don’t respond back.  Books are the cheapest way to learn and you get what you pay for.  Books are more informational in nature.  Typically you read a book from a learning experience if you like the concepts or believe there is merit you will see out one of the other forms of training.

Second Training seminars are the next way to learn a new skill.  Jeff Usner and I met years ago at one of Dani Johnson’s training events.  Partnering with Jeff Usner as he applies Dani’s concepts to his marketing,  internet and advertising specialty ensures we always have high quality clients to work with in our company.  Applying what Dani teaches in our company in her events people’s incomes are increasing at incredible rates.  The fact is there is value in her training, personally it allowed me to create a 6 figure income, Jeff has created a 7 figure income and every 6 figure income earner in our company has come out of her training events.  Why are they so powerful?  Because it’s a controlled live environment that your body and mind can focus on.  Plus in a live environment you get more interaction to clarify concepts and understanding by asking questions.

Finally as Dani Johnson says the best method of learning quickly is one on one coaching and mentorship.  They key to mentorship is you have someone who you want to learn from.  Someone who is successful that will work with you and show you step by step what you need do to learn the skill you desire.  Mentorship allows faster learning and quicker results.  Its is why I use a lot of tools in my personal training with new clients in Coastal Travel.  But I’ve become an expert at teaching people how to apply Dani’s techniques.  The same techniques Jeff Usner uses in his company and every other 6 figure income earner does in Coastal Travel

Any real leader should always be growing.  But they should also spend time helping and mentoring others.  Seeing other people succeed has always inspired me.  Good luck in your learning, books are cheap and give information.  Seminars are more advanced and due to a focused environment allow another level of learning and one on one mentorship and coaching is by far the best method.  The only down fall is you are limited to how many people you can train.  I limit myself all the time due to how good May was I can only work with 2 maybe 3 people in June.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. God is Great and Never give up on your Dreams!


  1. This is great and so timely. Many people need help from a source that has the good experience and ability to teach.

    God Bless and full speed ahead!

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