Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success


Is coming up this weekend.  As I sit and type this I’m excited with anticipation.  Not only for what I’ll get out of the weekend but all the brand new people that go to First Steps to Success.  Dani Johnson, has a deep desire to show, teach and train people how to increase their income, decrease their debt and the stresses that come with the debt.  Dani Johnson’s training has helped us go from broke and broken to a quarter of a million + annually.

Dani Johnson, consults and trains for 100’s of companies across dozens of industries and most of them often have no clue where she first started or came from.  Everyone knows her story, she was homeless and became a millionaire in 2 years at the age of 23.  She did it out of a pay phone booth.  People always wander how did Dani Johnson make her money.  The truth is she did it with a home business.  Now in her normal business training she never goes into her “home business” content or strategies.  But she teaches and draws the parallels really well in the Dani Johnson Home Business Workshop.  ALL of her corporate training, skills she teaches, consulting and guidance came from what she learned in that home based business.

Understanding Dani’s home business background is what first drew me to her training.  I had been working from home with a legitimate home business but made no money.  It made things difficult because spending money and time in that home business while working full time in the military took time and money away from my family.  Shortly after learning about Dani Johnson I went to my first First Steps and had no idea what would really happen.  But 30 days later in that home business I made $13,000.  A year later I had earned an extra $104,000 dollars, not bad for a farm boy, in the military trying to take care of his family.  I walked away from my military career after 8 years to work from home full time.  I’ve been home ever since and paid off $292,000 in DEBT and today make over a quarter of a million dollars a year.

I had no idea what would happen!  Dani Johnson is the real flipping deal.  She has a gift to teach, train and help.  The people who plug into that training regardless if they are in a home business or not will learn the skills it takes to live the life you’ve always wanted.  Less stress, more income and more time with your kids, grandkids and spouse.  This event in Baltimore MD may be your first event.  It’s just like my first event except mine was 8 years ago.  Because you made the decision to go, the only difference in you and I is time!!!

I will see you at First Steps to Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 

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