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I got this email from DFI today Dani Johnson has inspired us.  I’ve been an active member for years and it’s my vehicle to use to work from home along with Dani Johnson and her home business training.  But seeing people do things like this, is what makes it all worth it.  We only started a couple of months back but I hope by December we are able to exceed 100,000 dollars in our giving!

DFI, a marketing team that studies up and coming trends, has taken on the project of raising money and donating to help build an orphanage in Belize called The King’s Children Home. This is an orphanage that has outgrown it’s current facility which was not the most adequate housing for children. Many members of DFI, are also going to be going down to Belize, during the Christmas holidays to help bring Christmas to these kids.                       

DFI, is not a non-profit or a charitable organization, quite the opposite. DFI, can best be described as a marketing team that studies up and coming trends, right now the hottest industry and one of the most recession proof industries is travel. Taken a step further DFI members have independently concluded that Coastal Vacations is best poised for growth in the travel industry through an independent distribution model. Coastal Vacations, markets a travel product that still does not have full brand recognition but allows client members of Coastal Vacations to take advantage of deep travel discounts that are not typically available to the ordinary consumer even in this age of internet technology. Each member of DFI, who markets the Coastal Vacations packages does so independently and orders products at wholesale directly from the shipping center maintained by the Board of Directors.                       

Now consider this, a marketing organization which consist of independent members, who are only centralized by the products that they choose to market and the Dani Johnson Training system that they use has decided to come together in an unprecedented effort to make a difference in about 75 kids lives down in Belize. Several DFI members have pooled together income from their Coastal Travel package sales and have agreed to match the first $29,115.00 raised by the remaining members in DFI. As a whole we have a goal of raising AT LEAST $60,000 by December. All donations can be made through a non profit here in the US called Kings Ransom Foundation >> When making your donation do two things.                       

First, be sure to mark for The Kings Children Home in Belize.                       

Second, send an email to  and let us know that you have donated and what amount so that we can make sure that amount gets matched.                       

So far the total amount donated to the orphanage via King’s Ransom Foundation is:                         
$13,271.51 + $13,271.51 (matching funds) = $26,543.02                       

Thank you to all of the current DFI Donors!                       

Jackie Read                         
Tara Hayes-Johnson                         
Mitch Johnson                         
Kathie Babka                         
Craig Babka                         
Shawn Scheppele                         
Stacy O’Quinn                         
Dawn O’Quinn                         
Trish Roberts                         
Trevor Roberts                         
Jackie O’Quinn                         
Carmen O’Quinn                         
Angela Lasher                         
DJ Castro                         
Connie Castro                         
David Derego                         
Andrea Derego                         
Mary Beltrano                         
Jason Winand                         
Dana Winand                         
Gary Mach                         
Jane Mach                         
Capri Mulder                         
Dianne McGuigan                         
Mark Crawley                       

** Once you complete a donation please send an email immediately to so that we can make certain that it will be match dollar for dollar, until we reach the matching goal of $29,115.00**                       

Also several members of DFI are planning to physically travel down to Belize to spend the Christmas holidays with those kids. These members are listed below                       

Stacy O’Quinn                         
Dawn O’Quinn                         
Michelle Tascoe                         
Jeribai Tascoe                         
David DeRago                         
Andrea Derago                         
Jackie O’Quinn                         
John Sartin                         
Mindy Sartin                         
Gary Mach                         
Jane Mach                         
Dianne McGuigan                         
Shane Houston                         
Danielle Houston                         
Nicole Houston                       

** If you are planning to go to Belize, to spend Christmas with the kids and your name is not on the list please send an email immediately to**                       

The above individuals who are donating, travelling to the orphanage, or both are a very special group of people. They are individuals who are reshaping their families lives through the ability to work from home but they have not stopped there. They are going a step further to make a difference for some children who need help! Below are two videos that Mr. Stacy O’Quinn, made last year of a couple of the older kids who had literally been raised through the orphanage.               

DFI Makes a Difference,                 Support Team                

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