Dani Johnson’s Last Training


Dani Johnson P&C

Dani Johnson has taught more people to successfully prospect for new clients and close new business than anyone I know of in the home business industry.  Her training was the only reason I went from zero dollars earned to 104,000 dollars my first year working from home.  I work 25 hours a week paid off 292,000 dollars in debt in 5 years thanks to Dani Johnson and what she teaches about working from home.

If you’ve been following Dani for quite some time you know that her time has become quite limited from her 100’s of interviews and media projects from Forbes Magazine to TBN to the Oprah Winfrey show.   Today she has her own radio show helping every day mom’s and dad’s.  Even though Dani Johnson made her first millions from the home business industry, according to her phone script book, “She was destitute broke and living out of her car. Not wanting to end up in that financial position again, she found a way to get started (home business) and made 2,000 dollars her first 10 hours from a pay phone booth, 6,500 in 30 hours, and 10,000 dollars the next month.  By the end of her first year she made a quarter of a million dollars and by the end of her second year she made her first million.”

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve been working from home for over 10 years and making a solid 6 figure income every year.  Learning from Dani Johnson is one of the biggest reasons I started and continue to earn a lucrative income working from home.  Every single person I work with I recommend to this training and I’m not an affiliate and I don’t directly benefit from Dani Johnson financially for recommending this training.

Time is running out sign up for what will most likely be Dani’s last prospecting and closing training. This is a 4 weeks teleconference training with live back and forth instruction and Q and A.  These training went from quarterly, to periodically to now she has said she, “doesn’t know if she will ever do another one”


You and I may not be working together and we might even work in different industries in the home business industry.  But I want you to succeed no matter what.  No I don’t benefit from you being part of that training, but I do get satisfaction knowing I’m showing someone what I do to succeed.

To Your Success and I’ll hear you in that class,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. You will help more people after this training, it is very step by step and strategic, your income could freaking sky rocket with this knowledge and who gets to learn one on one with a multi-millionaire.  YOU DO!

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