December Has Been Fruitful Even In A Recession


Have you heard the news? We are in a recession and this economy is horrible! I get so tired of hearing this that I used to be a complete news buff and have almost completely stopped watching the news.

Everyday I talk to people who are looking to work from home. Thanks to DFI Premium Leads that Cutting Edge Media produces for our business. That being said it is apparent if you speak to anyone who has a job you can tell that our economy is sputtering. What are any of these talking heads on TV doing about it? They have no problem getting these analyst to tell us how bad it is, but no one seems to know how to turn it around or give us a solution?

Once in a while someone rises up and says enough is enough. I’m tired of where I’m at and I want to be in a different and better place. For me that happened in 2005. I have been inspired by several people this month because of their determination and motivation. They are not listening to how bad it is, they already knew that. They made a decision to do something about it.

They are the reason, I’m grateful to work from home! They are doing their part to inspire others and they don’t even know it yet.

Special thanks goes out to 6 people that I am fortunate to be able to work with on a daily. Each of them Joined our team this month. During the holiday season. They have serious intentions and I’m fortunate to work with each of you.

So thanks to

Kevin Steed
Jamia Jones
Michael DuMaine
Holly Cruickshank
Toni Thomas and Melvin <-- newest member to our team getting her basic package tonight!
Katyya Moses <--already has her First Steps and DFI Ticket! GREAT JOB!

The truth is each of you would have made a decision to improve things regardless. Whether it’s Katyya’s desire to not have to teach next year. Or Toni’s drive to own her own business. Or Jamia who is an incredibly bright young woman and at 19 has determined she will live a life with purpose. Each of you would have found your own way with or without me.

I Thank God for letting our paths’ cross. I thank you for giving us the chance to work together! Let’s ROCK 2009
Stacy O’Quinn

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