Decide Freedom International just got BIGGER!


Decide Freedom International is one of the teams experiencing growth in home business industry during a recession. Krissy Hitz from Cutting Edge Media recently noted, “The support you guys have in Decide Freedom International the way you accept anyone regardless of their background you train and guide them; that has to be the reason you are having so much success.”

Hearing the stories every day on our calls is probably one of the most exciting things I get to do. As most people are thinking about the Holidays coming soon we have some Leaders on our team that are having incredible success!

Cutting Edge Media is sponsoring a contest for Decide Freedom International for the month of November. Who ever brings in the most new members to our team will win a 500 dollar Holiday Shopping Spree to a combination of stores that include Best Buy, Toys R Us and Wal-mart.

Here are some of the current standings… The number following their name is the number of new members they in the last 18 days have added to their team in Decide Freedom International.

Tim West 15
Deon Danner 6
Shawn Scheppele 5
Jenny Baker 5
Bonnie Clark 4
Stacy O’Quinn 4 OK I’m way too far down the list here 🙂
Amanda Butler 3
Catherine Rupp 3
Angela Lasher 3
Nike Roach 3
Stephanie Johnson 3
Cadie Kalmes 3
Pat Schuett 3
Linda Allen 3
Renae Heikkila 2
D. Simmons 2
Jessica Wendelboe 2
David Gregoria 2
Heather Marshall 2
Jackie O’Quinn 2

There are many many people that have also brought on one TEAM MEMBER!

Congrats to each and everyone of you! Based off of the effort and diligence you put into your business anyone working with you is certainly blessed!

To Our Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


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