Decide Freedom International Rocked Orlando


Decide Freedom International just got back from an incredible weekend at the Omin-Resort in Orlando. We had what appeared to be the largest team in attendance. According to Jeff Usner from and, “There are not many teams that work together and has the support that DFI has!”

It was a true honor to get to have fun and pick the brains of so many of our leaders in attendance like Jolynn from SD, Cadie from MN, Angela from PA or Tim from LA.

Both Angela Lasher from PA and Tim West from LA were featured on the Monday night Call with Dani Johnson due to the amount of money they have made with Decide Freedom International and Coastal Travel. Make sure you subscribe to the 6 Figure Income Club to be able to listen to that call as soon as it is posted on Dani Johnson’s website.

Have you ever wanted to work from home? Do you want to have support to help you succeed 24/7? Do you want a team to guide you to what they have done to help so many people be successful? Do you want to work with a Trainer that has had incredible results helping people make more money in less time giving them more freedom?

If so Join Decide Freedom International.

See you in St Louis!
Stacy O’Quinn

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