Desperation Meets Frustration


Once in a while God will put things on your heart.  Today as I’m in my office working something is really hitting me.  I remember before I was able to create a lucrative income from home how I felt originally.  At first I didn’t think it was possible.  It felt like there was nothing legitimate out there.  At that time we were in over 6 figures in debt working crazy hours and never able to really spend time with my family and kids.  It felt like each month I could just pay the bills then that was success.

It’s fair to say that frustration would hit from time to time.  Lord is this it?  Will it get better?  I think frustration is why people play the lottery.  It’s a hope for something to be better but not quite desperate enough to find a real solution.  One day I got a phone call and my brother told me about this travel company I could work from home and market their product.  Well I’d heard it all and branching out doing something on the side felt risky, would probably cost me money and I just wasn’t excited to do it.  I wasn’t desperate enough yet.

Looking back on it opportunity was all around me.  I was not completely happy with where I was but I was in a qasi-comfort zone.  And I wasn’t quite desperate enough, but I did keep thinking there had to be a better way.  When my brother resigned from his job as a nurse and told me he was working with that travel company making more money part time than he did full time and I realized I was in more debt over those same months and nothing was getting better.  That’s when I finally had enough.  Frustration combined with Desperation, when enough is enough you decide to take action.  Out of action comes real opportunity.

Today we are debt-free, traveling all over the place, we live a fun and non traditional lifestyle and the only difference in me and someone else is the actions we decided on.  As a family with our kids we get to discuss how much money we are giving away versus how we can’t afford to go out and eat.  Life definitely is a new normal for us.

Are you tired of things staying the same year after year.  Or maybe even getting worse?  Do you want to create a lucrative income, pay off debt, help others and travel the world?  What is in front of you right now you can take action on?  Don’t let it take you months like it did me, take action right now.  Do something about it!  Unless you still aren’t desperate enough and you are comfortable “enough” then maybe you can wait months or even years.  What ever your decision is, I wish the best for you.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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