DFI and Coastal Travel, First time ever in HISTORY!


For the first time ever in the history of Coastal Travel, DFI will be hosting a month of momentum for our entire team. No wander we are growing so fast. No wander with all the training and support like this so many of us succeed!

Just Tuesday night we heard from Derrick on the 6 figure income club call. He has generated 12,000 dollars and he’s only been working with DFI for 2 weeks. He is just one example of what we hear happening. Jenny from CO has only been with us a couple months and she made 7,000 dollars in two weeks.

During June, the Month of Momentum, we will have Thundering Thursdays and Tornado Tuesdays. We have a goal to bring in more business then ever happened in one month in the history of Coastal Travel. Together as a team we will succeed. Our goal is to have every single person who may not be a qualified director to help them accomplish that by the end of JUNE!

What would 7,000 dollars in two weeks do for you? What about 12,000 dollars?
To become part of DFI or the month of momentum Click Here NOW!

Let’s Rock,
Stacy OQuinn

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