DFI and Coastal Travel, Super Saturday call what is that?


This Saturday will start the beginning of history. Do you want to be part of history? We are fortunate in DFI and Coastal Travel that we will continue to be in the forefront of all homebusinesses. Maybe it’s because we don’t look for other examples to set our standard by rather we choose to set our own standard!

This Saturday we will be show caseing new technology that is available to all of us and we heard rumers of a BLITZ? Do you know what that is? Have you ever heard of it? DFI became the first to implement this technique to Coastal Travel in it’s 14 year history and starting this Saturday a new chapter will be released not only in Coastal Travel but the entire home buiness industry!

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Special Webinar Training with Fun Announcements on Saturday, August 9, 2008

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Thanks DFI and Coastal Travel!

Stacy O’Quinn

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