DFI Blitz Coming Soon!


One of the secrets that contribute to DFI’s success outside of some of the normal known things. Other then plugging into Dani Johnson and her training, other then the leaders of DFI in the trenches building business’s just like the newest associates, other then the 17 team training calls, other then one of the best marketing websites and business management areas and other then having one of the most energetic and driven teams that consistently gives on ever level possible to help the newest person; other then all that there is another secret to our success.

It’s known as a BLITZ. It doesn’t happen very often and it only last for a short while. Past Blitz’s have only lasted for 72 hours and every time they create the same amount of results for some people that normally take them a month to accomplish. Concentrated team work creates natural momentum for everyone involved.

This is how our blitz will work… First our advertising companies snapresponse.com and http://www.cemcoastal.com/ will strategically work with us to provide advertising cheaper then they’ve normally ever done for our teams. Then the schedule is set, we will have a Blitz kick off call each day to celebrate what we did and where we are going next. Then through out the day we will have 3 business overview calls. As a team we will all be jumping on those calls doing what ever we can to share our testimonies. There are a ton of us and we all will not get out but the point is to try. So that all of our guest understand how successful our team is in DFI.

Our calls will be total chaos and that obviously creates natural enthusiasm. Of course with our recent growth we don’t have to have a blitz to create that chaos. Ever thing is about timing and for those who had the foresight to make a wise decision in the last month or so, will know get to experience things on a more “powerful” level. 🙂

Who ever brings in the most new people and sets up the most websites we will be giving away 300 dollars of the new premium leads from www.cemcoastal.com . AS well as we will be recognizing those who do the most activity each day. Last time we did a blitz I made 6,400 dollars and this time it is going to be a complete blast. I can’t wait to see the results.

We’ve had several leaders in the home business industry ask and desire to do what we’ve accomplished with their teams. If you’ve heard about our success and would like to duplicate it in your team. Good luck, but remember the team is a big reason for our success in DFI!!!

Too Your Succcess,

Stacy OQuinn


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