DFI Coastal Travel Making A Difference


After coming back from Belize and visiting the orphans that DFI Coastal Travel has donated to  life is definately in a different focus.  When your “why” to help someone grows bigger than you it is definately a much bigger purpose that motivates you.  Now in 2011 I don’t to just want to help 10 or 15 more people make a 6 Figure Income like I’ve done in the past.  In years past it’s been just about those people and the changes, improvements and increasing their finances and thats where my personal vision stopped.  NOW…

I am looking for people who are struggling or who have a bigger desire for their own life financially and I want to help them as I have others but the purpose doesn’t stop there.  IT  is to have others helping me over the next year and into the future help others that are less fortunte.  Like the kids in Belize we worked with and have given too already.  They need a new building built for the orphanage to hold more kids and give them more room.  We will develop a team of financially free people who will be making a difference on a much bigger level world wide.  Will you join me?

Below are some of the kids that wanted to Thank DFI Coastal Travel that we met in Belize!




Making money is AMAZING but using that money to help those less fortunate incredible!

Let’s make 2011 better than 2010!
To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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