DFI continues to see results thanks to Dani Johnson


Dani Johnson is the only outside trainer DFI recommends on our team. We have multiple 6 figure income earners that do trainings several times a week. But our goals is to always share how are leaders got to where they are. The reality is Dani Johnson and her training has had more to do with our success as a team than any other factor.

DFI, would recommend Dani Johnson and her training for anyone looking to succeed in a home business. Our entire culture in DFI comes from First Steps to Success and Dani Johnson and apparently it works. We are the fastest growing group by far in Coastal Travel.

If you don’t believe it call Cutting Edge Media they are the primary advertising company in the home business industry and they have been watching the growth of Coastal Travel for years. You can reach them at 1.866.303.7207

Since documentation beats conversation here are some recent results from our team!

Lorraine Rodman from VA made $1,000 in the past couple of weeks

Kristi Engle from CA made $3,200 recently

Holly Marshall from TX made $6,200 in the past 30 days

Pat Smith from RI made $3,200 recently

Debbie from CA made $3,200 last week

Jackie O’Quinn from MI made $1,000 today

Terri from CA made $3,200 two weeks ago

Stephanie Johnson from GA made over $7,000 this week

Congrats to each and everyone of you for your success! You deserve it and it is a pleasure being in business with you. Your made headlines and were recently featured in a press release here. If you are working with either one of these leaders you are without a doubt blessed and should follow their every move! We are grateful for each of you!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Dani Johnson did a training call for just DFI if you missed it and you have a pen and paper to take notes. Remember Dani’s training cost 1,000 dollars for an hour so take good notes you don’t want to miss anything

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