DFI Event and First Steps to Success


This past weekend the DFI Training for all members of Coastal Travel and the training provided by Dani Johnson at First Steps to Success was amazing. In DFI we had about 60 people in Pittsburgh PA for that training through out the weekend. Already based off of one thing that I picked up this weekend I’ve made $1,000.

We meet some amazing team members this weekend. Kim is a woman who has just about lost everything financially and emotionally. Now she is on a path that she may not be prepared for. Based off of previous results we’ve seen. Jeff from OR, came out of that training event a couple of months back and had this to say.

and that’s not unusual, LOL. Congrats Kim! This weekend at the DFI Event we heard from Cutting Edge Media as they showcased the advertising they have for Coastal Directors at www.cemcoastal.com. I have brought more people into my Coastal Travel Business with Cutting Edge Media and their Coastal Travel or Coastal Vacations specific campaigns vs anything else I’ve ever used.

DFI, it was announced will be launching a brand new marketing system for Coastal Travel on the 23rd of July. Some of the things that Cutting Edge Media announced were how integrated everything would be. Your toll free number and unlimited minutes will be included in your marketing system. Once you have 5 referrals your website will become FREE. Also we will get 100 FREE leads from Cutting Edge Media each month. Get instant notification when your prospect is on our upgraded marketing sites and the list goes on and on. You can see a portion of the new marketing site at www.advance2freedom.com If you want to be on the launch call of the upgraded system just call our toll free number and let us know 888-561-5253

Dani Johnson was also on fire this weekend! Their entire staff is so amazing. The feedback we got from our DFI team after Dani Johnson finished was the reality of the specific meat and potatoes she provides every time she is on stage. Once you’ve been through Dani Johnson’s workshops and you’ve seen her training all the way through you then are able to see why so many people succeed. I had made no money just like many on our team until I plugged into that training. After my first month I made 13,000 dollars. All of DFI and Coastal Travel are eternally grateful for all the specific training provided by Dani and Hans Johnson their staff and Tom Challan.

We will see you at the next event in LA!
Stacy O’Quinn

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