DFI is Going to Dani Johnson’s Home Business Training


Well it is official a small army of us in DFI are headed to LA for a Dani Johnson Training event for Home Business Owners.  I have seen Dani Johnson’s training create more immediate results in our company than anything I’ve ever witnessed in the last 5 and a half years I’ve been working from home full time.  Personally I had made NO money until my first training event.  After that event I made 104,000 dollars in one year.  Dani Johnson’s training is so specific and seriously lacking in the hype.  She teaches specifics that creates results.

Some of the people I’ve worked with that have had similar results are.

Michelle in CA– Stay at home mom and generated over $10,000 after a training event

Catherine in MO– another Stay at home mom I worked with made over $12,000 in a single 30 day period after a Dani Johnson Event

Jenn in MT– Mom of 5 who made over 9,600 dollars after an event

Stephen in LA– Military Dad made 13,000 dollars after an event

Jon in PA– Construction worker and dad made 9,600 dollars his very first month after a Dani Johnson event when we started working together one on one.

The Bottom line is the most successful people in our company have all been through a weekend we are about to go through again.  I’m so excited for our entire team that will be there. 

See You There!
Stacy O’Quinn

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