DFI is Going to London for Dani Johnson, First Steps to Success!


After an incredible weekend in Jacksonville FL DFI is now headed to London.  If you want to learn specific strategies and techniques on building your home business you must go to a First Steps to Success.  Personally, I’ve made a commitment to be at every single event this year with new associates in business.  Why would I do that?  It’s simple Dani Johnson and her training has been the one variable of everyone who got started working from home and worked diligently and made it versus those who worked diligently and didn’t.  Let’s face it if you are going to work from home you probably need to make money now.  You probably got started with DFI or any other business because you needed a lucrative income RIGHT NOW!

Many new people fail not because they don’t work hard (some don’t) but because their are only two ways to learn a new skill.  Experience and training, that’s the only way period!  If you just rely on training you never get the skill because until you start working you don’t fully understand what you don’t know.  If you just rely on experience it could take you years to learn what you don’t realize you don’t know.  Many times I see people start and with out Dani Johnson and her training they don’t fully realize what they don’t know and not sitting in their house you don’t realize what they are doing wrong.

I’m very excited for several people that I met at this last event,

Deborah Mims
Chad Gibbs
Sherri from PA
Lisa and David Conway
Tanya and Marc Peck

These were just a few of the people I met this weekend at First Steps.

Everyone there at the event were at various stages of their business but they have made a commitment to not only their personal success but also the success of others that they are blessed enough to work with.  Congrats to each of you that were there in Jacksonville this weekend!

Now off we go to London!  DFI is launching into London starting with Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success coming up next month in London.  We have several of our leaders heading there now.  To get registered go to and then send me an email to and we will connect in London together. 

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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  1. I read your blog frequently and I just thought I’d say keep up the amazing work!

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