DFI Training Event w/ First Steps to Success in PA


Have you ever wanted to get more hands on training for your Coastal business? Would you like to get more in depth personal training for our travel package? Do you want to learn step by step approachs on how to get your new clients started in business successfully?

If I told you there was a way to get specific hands on training that has had huge results for others would you actually go? Would you make the commitment and sacrifice to actually be there? If you could rub shoulders with at least 100 other Coastal leaders would you?

In Coastal we are grateful no one else has the ability to make such high commissions up to 9,705 dollars per transaction. No one else has stood the test of time with a product that just continues to get better!

Listen to this 40 minute training Right NOW! for more details.

If you are not part of the DFI TEAM and you still want to be part of this training then complete this reservation request form and I will call you.

See you in PA!
Stacy O’Quinn

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