DFI Tsunami, Dani Johnson and January!


Money is not all life is made of but dang if it doesn’t make life easier 🙂

Part of having a lucrative home business is simply understanding it.  I just saw a commentary on the news of how bad the economy is and I’m wandering?  What does these people really do for a living?  Are they living under a rock?  Are they actually working for a living?

Things aren’t perfect but GEEZ!  They aren’t that bad either.  Back in December we mentioned it here and I shared that January is usually a strong month for us in our lucrative home business and being part of Decide Freedom.  But we personally just had a record January at $27,200 in profit in one month.

I will be sharing some of the details about whats happening specifically on our team in an upcoming post.  If you want the details than enter your email to the right.

We just had the DFI Tsunami call and have kicked that off with the Leadership Council Rings and cruise contest!  Our team is going to be attending the First Steps to Success Event in Jacksonville FL with Dani Johnson!  It promises to be an incredible year.

In up coming post I’ll share details about the DFI Tsunami and how you can apply it to what ever business you are in.  To maginfy the results you are getting, Dani Johnson and her training is a keep part of the puzzle though.

Have a Blessed Day!
Stacy O’Quinn


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