DFILive System Preview and Training


The specifics of tonight’s DFILive System preview and training has been announced. This is an open training for any Coastal Director or anyone interested in Coastal Travel.


Monday night we will have a MyDFILive system training. Our system expert from Cutting Edge Media, Ryan Oburcak will be doing a webinar presentation that you can both listen to over the phone and watch from your computer screen. He will be showing you how to use the features of your system. Go to http://www.mydfilive.com/webinar to get signed up for the webinar today! The call will take place on Monday July 28th at 7pm EST. The number for the call is 212-990-8000 pin 1989#.

Invite your entire team to the call. (Even if they aren’t on the system yet, this will give them a chance to see it). Invite all your Hot Prospects to the call as well. They will be able to see the power of the system they will be using in their own business! We will hear you on that call, get signed up for the webinar so you can see it!

http://www.mydfilive.com/webinar Have a blessed weekend!

MyDFILive Team

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