DFI’s Step by Step Support and Dani Johnson’s Training Creates Another Stay at Home Dad!


Do you want to be successful working from home? or in your Coastal Travel home based business? Do you know there is a one on one mentoring approach that we all use?

When I first joined Coastal Vacations/Coastal Travel and I read the success stories in the Home Business Connection magazine I just knew one day I would be there. Well Jason Kraft, consultant for the Home Business Connection magazine contacted DFI a couple of months ago and let us know that I had been selected to be in the magazine along with Jackie O’Quinn and Renae Heikkila!

Brian Bianca called me and going through that interview I was nervous he would not know what to write every day I’m excited about my opportunity with DFI. Thanks to the profits we make in Coastal Travel and the training that Dani Johnson provides we have certainly been blessed and almost entirely debt free!

By Brian Bianca
At first, the car ride was no different than any of the others Stacy O’Quinn had taken in his lifetime. Just him and the road, stretched out in front of the windshield for hundreds of miles. On a drive like this however, the mind inevitably wanders to subjects other than speed limits and stop lights, and Stacy’s was no exception.

At some point, he began wondering what he wanted out of life. Was it wealth? Happiness? A good job? After a while, Stacy settled on a more basic goal—he wanted to be a great dad to his children and a great husband to his wife. He seemed to be on the right track—at 25, he had served his country in the Air Force for seven years, making an honest living and trying to be there for his family as much as he could.

“I loved the military,” Stacy said. “I was one of those kids who grew up with a sense of service. I felt like I needed to do my part. I didn’t go to college originally, so it was a way to have a career and a real purpose. I felt that I would retire as a serviceman, not with a lot of money, but that my kids would be proud of what I had done.

“But military was no different than any other job,” he continues, “meaning that there was a cap of where my career could go.”

His career may have been satisfying, but was tight—he only earned $25,000 a year—and his constant travel demands made it harder and harder for him to be with his family. He realized that his dreams of being a solid family man were all but impossible if he stayed on his current path. So when his brother, Jackie, told him about a home-business opportunity called DFI Coastal Travel that would allow him to work from home and earn the money and time freedom he always wanted, Stacy listened…albeit skeptically.

“When I looked at this initially, I thought it was crap,” he says with a laugh. “But when Jackie walked away from his nursing career—a career he loved—to do Coastal full time, I took another look at it.”

The more research he did into the company, the more he liked what he saw. Coastal Travel has been around for 14 years, paying out the highest commissions, anywhere from $1,000 to $9,705 per sale, during that time. Its support is world-class, with famed business trainer Dani Johnson’s influence has helped design and operate all of the DFI team’s training.

“When I got on a training call with DFI, I realized that there were real people volunteering their time on calls to help people succeed,” Stacy remembers. “Because they knew that when others succeed, everyone succeeds. That was something I had never seen, and it felt good.”

He knew this could be the career he was looking for. So in late July, 2005, Stacy decided to see if Coastal Travel could give him a way to live his dream of being a dedicated father and partner. By the following summer, the former military man earning $25,000 a year had created an income of over $100,000, a number he’s increased to $253,000 in the in just over 48 months and working 20 hours a week since. All told, $72,500 worth of debt has been wiped out through his home business

“We have zero financial stress. When you don’t have any debt and you’re making a six-figure lifestyle, you can do whatever you want,” Stacy says. “You can go wherever you want. When someone in the family invites you to go do something, it’s about do you want to go, not, are you working?”

Family finally does come first for Stacy. Every morning, he’s woken not by an alarm clock, but by his children, three-year-old Alexis and two-year-old Edgar, jumping on the bed. He’ll take them fishing in the afternoons, or go play outside when the weather cooperates. “It’s amazing to be working at my desk, and when I’m not on the phone they can run in and play with me,” Stacy says. How many other dads get to spend as much time with their children? Most are lucky to make it to the Little League game by the fifth inning.

Although Stacy and his family are no longer forced to travel to different countries on a moment’s notice, that doesn’t mean they’re tied down to one location. Far from it, actually. The O’Quinns have moved three times since Stacy started his business. Their method of seeking out a new destination is interesting in its own right—his wife grabs an atlas, finds somewhere she likes, and they start looking at homes.

Stacy stresses that he doesn’t have a monopoly on this type of lifestyle. One of his favorite aspects of Coastal Travel is that anyone can join and discover the same type of success that he’s earned. In fact, he sees it happen every day.

“I have stay-at-home moms and people with corporate incomes on my team, and they’re all successful,” Stacy says. “It’s because of the step-by-step training, and the fact that there is always someone you can call to answer any questions you may have. Every single one of us reads the exact same script word for word, we take people to the same website, and we follow up the same way. The only difference is, the people who make the six-figure incomes have taken more clients through the system. Anyone who is willing to be trained and follow advice can be successful here.”

For more information about starting a Coastal Travel home business, call 888-561-5231 or visit www.moretimegreatmoney.com

Thanks Brian for a Job well done!
Stacy O’Quinn


  1. Mr. Jackie O'Quinn says:

    Unbelievable article! I am so glad I am a part of that coop!

  2. Stacy O'Quinn says:

    Jackie I may have never overcame my doubts and negativity if it wasn’t for you. Thanks! Look at me now, Thank You So Much!!!

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