Disney Vacation Savings Using Coastal Travel


One of the benefits of working from home with Coastal Travel is the savings that we get because we are a product of the product.  Any time you work for a company regardless if it’s a legitimate home business or some other form of employment you must find a way to utilize your companies product or services. 

Our company while of course I think it’s incredible is not the only great company to work for.  But when it comes to product I would recommend you focus on what people want versus what they need.  People spend money on what they want.  Ask anyone in the health and nutrition world, everyone needs vitamins and supplements but it’s not always easy to get them to spend their money there.  Everyone needs insurance but statistics tell us that 45% of the uninsured in America can afford it but they don’t choose to buy it.  Most people can’t tell you what they bought with their credit cards because they bought what they wanted in a moment and not something they really needed in their life.  AND THEY ARE STILL PAYING FOR IT.

I like Coastal Travel because I believe it’s sexy and no matter what is going on every one wants to take a vacation and everyone wants to save money.  How long has it been since you wanted to take your kids to Disney World and you still haven’t been their yet?

Below is a short video done by one of the members of the Board of Directors with Coastal Travel saving money on a resort down the road from Disney.


Coastal Travel Savings Disney


Happy Vacationing,

Stacy O’Quinn

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