Do You Know Great People?


How would you know if someone was great?  The answer is simple.  For someone to be “great” what do they do that is great?  Is their main motive just selfishness, greed and placing themselves up on a higher pedestal?

For the sake of today’s article we are going to call someone “great” is someone who does something “great” with what they have.  It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor.  You still have 24 hours in a day and you still have influence.  It doesn’t matter if you are self employed, own a million dollar corporation, work at a factory or a stay at home mom.  It doesn’t matter if you have a PhD, MD, or an XYZ.  If you can buy a cup off coffee, if you have a place to lay your head at night and if you know other people then you have enough to be “great”. 

How do you know if someone is “great”?  It’s simple, what do they do with what they have?  Who do they help, give, inspire or encourage?  How do they use their time?  If someone is great they spend their time getting themselves in a position to inspire, encourage and help others or they spend their time simply giving back like someone has given to them.  It could be mentoring a youth.  Working at a food bank.  Taking on a protégé to guide and direct knowing you can’t benefit directly.

If you are struggling then you should be looking a hand up, not a hand out.  Once you get that hand up you must make the most of it so you can turn around and help others with a hand up and maybe the extreme poor a hand out. (there is a place for both)

I know a few great people who took a few moments to help and it could be because they need a hand up or it could be they just wanted to help.  But in my mind the following individuals are all GREAT!  If you happen to know one of them then you definitely know someone “great”. Each of these people of the thousands that saw and read about a need, the following people took time to type an encouraging message.  Some of them donated money to a cause, but not all of them.  See being great isn’t about money it’s about what you do with what you have.

Each of you are absolutely special.  Thanks for caring about others!

Sue Hunsicker Stevens
Dianne McGuigan
MerryLynn Shepard
Kimberly Bixby
Amira Olive
Christen Head
Nicole Ostapolic
Mary Smith Mckenzie
Mintra Lewis
Cathy Keir
Joanie Snaith
Christina Moyer
Jenny Copeland
Jackie O’Quinn
Gary Mach
Wes Badshaw
Sheila Gibbons
Diane Bateman
Julie Kingston
Kim Kennedy
Paula Kimbark

Here is the need they commented and help on, read all about it now!

I’m sure I missed someone, please forgive me if I did.  The fact is no matter if you commented on that post.  Or shared it else where, just taking a few seconds to help others is something the majority will not do.  Do you know how many thousands read that message and didn’t even “share” it?

Are those people bad? No they just have so much going on in their life they can’t find  the hand up much less thinking about giving a few seconds as a hand out.  They feel helpless and maybe hopeless.  It’s about us doing our part to always inspire, help, lead and encourage people like that.  You are doing your part you are definitely GREAT!!!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

PS We are still matching up to 9,000 dollars dollar for dollar donated at helping support some of the world’s poorest.

PPS Some times just getting the word out is half the battle.

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