Do you know the latest news in DFI?


There are always all kinds of things going on in DFI. You can’t have training and support with out always moving forward. As a team we had an incredible month for October. We brought on 205 new members to DFI, that is AWESOME! Here what is going to happen in November now.

If you did not here the “State of DFI” Call then here is the email that we recieved about the call.

Hello DFI Member!

Did you hear the news? There were lots of announcements on the call last night. Don’t put yourself in a position of not knowing about it, you won’t be able to take advantage of these things in your business if you don’t listen now!

The first 4 minutes are dead air space, our apologies, but you are welcome to forward it past the 4 minutes of air space. We can’t wait for next Tuesday to come!

Hear you on the calls!
MyDFILive Support Team

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