Do You Need an Editor Like Dani Johnson Teaches?


Dani Johnson often talks about everyone needing an editor?  The question is do you need accountability like that?  Biblically we all do need someone for that accountability, iron sharpens iron.  But what makes a good Editor?  Is Dani Johnson a good Editor? What about your spouse? Your kids maybe?  What about a business partner or church friend even?

The bottom line is not everyone is qualified to edit us or hold us accountable in all areas of our life.  If you think about the purpose of an editor it is their job to make sure the finished product is at its best.  So when asking who is qualified to be your editor the fact is you may have several editors in different areas.  You have to ask yourself is this person qualified to help me in this area.  Your best friend could be an Editor in business and relationships if they have already accomplished what you would like are they are well on their way.  But if they don’t’ have results then you should not allow someone to be your editor if that’s the case.  Because then you end up with someone’s opinion and if you follow an unproven opinion you end up with the existing results of that opinion.  So make sure you understand the results.

When you work from home or make investments one of the most important things is to have a mentor.  A good mentor is someone who has had success that you would also like and they are willing to freely share tips, advice, technique and strategy.  Having a mentor does not mean you have an editor. An editor is someone that you allow to edit your life in one area or another.  A mentor can give you tips all day long but if you don’t’ take those tips which will create changes in your own life then there will be no results.  The best editor I’ve ever personally had that I was not related to has been Dani Johnson.

Dani Johnson and her training has helped me become debt free, balance my work/play life, allowed me to make way more money than I ever thought possible, help more people than I ever imagined and it’s because she was qualified.  She’s had results that I wanted, was willing to be an editor and I have been willing to be edited.  Unlike many people Dani Johnson has mentored no part of me ever wanted to be her.  I just wanted to learn and apply and help others to apply.  So if you want to make a ton of money working from home, have great relationships, increase your income and help other people I’d recommend you find an editor that can help you do that.


Here’s to the Editor (whom ever that maybe)
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Don’t covet what someone else has!  Just be willing to learn the skills they have to get what God has for you.  No part of me wants to be Dani Johnson, but I do want to be the best student possible and master applying what I’ve learned and master duplicating what I’ve learned in others.

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